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Trupor® microporous filter media is designed to deliver membrane reliability with superior performance.

What is Trupor®?

What does it do?

Trupor® is a patented microporous filtration media by Hollingsworth & Vose, sold as a rolled good, delivering membrane reliability with best-in-class flow rates. This media is designed to save both money and time. Its composite structure and superior pore size uniformity deliver long life and stable performance in the thinnest possible efficiency layer.

Trupor® enables improved flow compared to traditional membranes, leading to lower costs and the ability to filter novel fluid streams. Offered in industry standard materials, Nylon and PES/PBT composites, Trupor® can be used as a final efficiency layer for improved flow or co-pleated as a capacity layer to extend life and reduce change-outs. Trupor® can be used in both dead-end and cross-flow applications.

Trupor Products

Why is Microfiltration important?

Microfiltration makes water cleaner, bioprocess products safer, semiconductor products cheaper, and industrial processes run longer.  Industries depend on microfiltration processes to develop new products and ensure consistent delivery of essential products.

Microfiltration is a filtration and separation process that uses porous filter media, often pleated into a cartridge format, to filter particles between 0.1 and 10 micrometers.  Microfiltration allows for cleaner water and cleaner processes by relying on physical separation, reducing the need for chemical treatments.

Microporous materials can be used in many ways; as the final efficiency layer or as a pre-filter; in a cartridge or in a flat sheet; as a dead end filter or as a cross-flow or tangential flow process.  Microfiltration is important because it can be customized and tailored to many different product streams.

Because it is a physical separation process, by improving microfiltration, Trupor® allows food and beverage producers to use fewer preservatives and additives, bioprocess businesses to improve processing times, industrial users to go longer between change outs, and water treatment providers to extend downstream reverse osmosis (“RO”) capabilities.

What makes Trupor® unique?

Trupor® offers the reliability of current membranes.

High pore size uniformity leads to reliable performance.

Trupor® is cartridge tested and proven. It can pass standard integrity and pleating testing. Validation packages are available upon request, including further information on cleaning method, diffusion testing, residual testing and leach-ability.

Trupor® improves productivity within existing footprint and space.

With its extraordinarily high flux, up to 2x compared to current membranes, Trupor® reduces energy costs on existing product streams. Trupor® enables new products with lower pressure and higher yield elements. It also reduces the need for preservatives and additives with precise filtration.

Trupor® features a patented composite structure.

A composite structure allows for superior flow and element life in the thinnest possible efficiency layer.

Trupor® can be used as a final efficiency layer for improved flow or co-pleated as a capacity layer to extend life and reduce change-outs. Trupor® enables novel designs and new use of element space.

Trupor® is backwards compatible to current housing and will still work with existing pleating and production equipment.

Trupor® is offered in industry standard materials.

Trupor® is available in 2 polymer platforms: 100% Nylon composite and a PES-PBT composite. It offers the same industry-accepted low-protein binding materials, along with the same cleaning standards (autoclave, gamma irradiation).

Trupor® is also 100% manufactured in the US.

Trupor® improves existing process streams.

Trupor® can improve existing product streams by allowing new performance in existing vessels using new cartridge designs.  Bring higher efficiency filtration in the same form factor, or reduce energy costs with improved flux.

Trupor® enables new process streams.

Trupor® enables elements to have faster flux, reducing processing times for products, reducing the risk of product degradation.  With improved microfiltration, products can decrease their use of additives and preservatives – delivering more of what end customers want.

About Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V)

With origins that date back to 1728, Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V) is a global leader in the supply of advanced materials for filtration, battery separator and industrial applications. Today, H&V’s advanced materials contribute to a cleaner world through their use in products that provide clean air, clean liquids and energy storage.

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