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Trupor® Products

Trupor® microporous filter media is available in industry standard materials (Nylon and PES-PBT composites) and micron ratings (0.45 micron and 0.65 micron available now) to fit a wide range of applications.

Trupor® media can be processed with standard pleating and production equipment. It can be used as a final efficiency layer for improved flow or co-pleated as a capacity layer to extend life and reduce change-outs.

Trupor Products

Trupor® Microporous Media

Trupor® Nylon Composite

Compatible with autoclave sterilization.

Trupor® PES-PBT Composite

Compatible with gamma irradiation.

Trupor® Product Platforms

Grade Material Basis Weight (gsm) [2] Commercial Pore Size Beta Ratio Efficiency @ Particle Size
Nylon L045-3310
PA6 48
0.45 μm
0.45 μm
0.65 μm
5,000 [3]
5,000 [3]
— [5]
>99.99% @ 0.45 μm
>99.99% @ 0.45 μm
>99.99% @ 0.65 μm
Polyethersulfone L045-8210 PES-PBT 75 [4] 0.45μm 5,000 [4]
[1] PES-PBT composite is designed to handle gamma irradiation.
[2] Ask for more information on specifications, averages and ranges.
[3] Beta Ratio calculated in cartridge based on 3rd party measurement.
[4] PES, PBT composite values are preliminary
[5] In process

Pressure drop – 10” cartridge

The graph shows water flow rate and pressure drop characteristics of Trupor® Nylon 0.45 and Trupor® Nylon 0.65 grades compared to typical 10” cartridge elements. This graph shows that the flow rate characteristics of Trupor® 0.45 shows 70% improvement compared to a 0.45-micron commercial membrane cartridge element. Similarly, Trupor® 0.65 micron shows 50% improvement in water flow rate characteristics compared to a commercial 0.65-micron membrane.