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Trupor® delivers membrane reliability with best-in-class flow rates. This media is designed to save both money and time. Its composite structure and superior pore size uniformity deliver long life and stable performance in the thinnest possible efficiency layer.

Our Resource page provides you with detailed information about Trupor® grades and their various applications.

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Trupor® Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Trupor®, Microfiltration Media, and Norms and Standards.

About Trupor®

What is Trupor®?

Trupor® is H&V’s first microporous product line that targets membrane applications and bioprocessing. Trupor® delivers membrane reliability and maximum performance with the thinnest possible efficiency layer, made possible by superior pore size uniformity. Its composite design delivers long life and stable performance.  Trupor® is sold as a rolled good, H&V’s customers convert it into liquid filtration cartridges and use it in many different applications.

What is the right Trupor® grade for my application?

Trupor® Selection Guide

Application Food & Beverage Bioprocess Industrial Water Re-Use
Benefits Lower cost
Higher yields
New products from current housings
Higher titers
Longer run times
Lower cost
New Therapies
Higher yields
Fewer change-outs
Precise efficiency
Microfiltration at municipal scale
New treatment train capability
Trupor® Platform Nylon, Polyethersulfone Polyethersulfone Nylon Nylon
Trupor® Grades L045-3310
L045-8210 L045-3310


What polymers are available?

We have 2 polymer platforms: 100% Nylon (PA6) and PES-PBT composite. These particular polymers were chosen because they are industry standard materials.

Why should I choose Trupor® over other microporous membrane materials?

Trupor® delivers membrane reliability and maximum performance with the thinnest possible efficiency layer, made possible by superior pore size uniformity. Its composite design delivers long life and stable performance.  

How do I evaluate Trupor®?

 Trupor® sample materials are available by request – please reach out to us!

Are adhesives used?

No adhesives are used, the media is compatible for use in food & beverage applications.  

Can Trupor® be sterilized?

The PES-PBT composite can withstand gamma irradiation and the Nylon composite can be autoclaved. 

About Norms & Standards

Does Trupor® meet the standards set by the FDA and other regulators?

Yes, Trupor® is capable of meeting relevant FDA, EU, NSF, and other standards.  We’re putting together a validation package – ask for more information.

About Hollingsworth & Vose

Company Overview

Hollingsworth and Vose is a global manufacturer of advanced materials used in filtration, battery, and industrial applications.  Family-owned for seven generations, the company’s origins go back to 1728 when an ”Act for the Encouragement of Making Paper” was passed by the General Court of the Province of Massachusetts Bay. Evolving continuously since that time, H&V now operates manufacturing and research & development facilities in the Americas, Europe, China and India.

Today, H&V’s advanced materials contribute to a cleaner world through their use in products that provide clean air, clean liquids and energy storage.  H&V’s  materials can be found in filters for clean rooms, hospitals, computers, commercial buildings, homes, cars, trucks and heavy duty equipment, and also in batteries used mainly in telecom and hybrid vehicle applications.

Our Company is headquartered at our plant site in East Walpole, Massachusetts USA, on the same river where the enterprise began more than 250 years ago.

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